Cooking Coaches

Neighbors teaching neighbors how to cook healthy meals

Cooking Coaches act as healthy food advocates and cooking educators for those who are interested in learning more about nutritious cooking. Educators are responsible for teaching and interacting with students throughout the 6-session hands on curriculum.

Learn how to shop for and prepare simple, delicious, healthy food. This six-session class will consist of a grocery store tour, four hands-on cooking lessons, and a group coaching session. Prepare and sample over 10 healthy recipes together with our passionate Cooking Coaches. Our Cooking Coaches classes are $30 for all six sessions, and this amount may be refunded if participants take part in a voluntary study.

Keep an eye out for our next Cooking Coaches class coming soon!

Are you interested in becoming a Cooking Coach and leading your own cooking classes? Contact Amy at (740) 856-6100 or send her an e-mail!

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